You are a beginner backpacker about to start your adventure and you still have doubts. You do not know for sure if you are prepared for this type of trip. Then, you are back looking at the hotels and tours as a valid option. First let us say this, there is no wrong way to travel. Many “backpackers” will tell you otherwise but there is nothing further away from reality. Each way has its own advantages and its disadvantages, all come with comforts and discomforts.

Now, if you’re already convinced that backpacking is your thing, go ahead. If you want to start gradually, choose a nearby city or country where the language is not a problem, experience hitchhiking, budget food, the travel planning and of course the hostel. If you want an idea of what awaits you in one of them, check out this article: My First Time in a Hostel What to expect?

Are you ready to eat the whole world? We give you then our recommendation about the more accessible countries for beginner backpackers:


  1. Croatia.

Mochilero principiante


The coast of Croatia with more than a thousand islands is simply beautiful. The best way to discover the islands is by boat. In order for you to experience Croatia from its most beautiful side, you can swim in the warm Mediterranean and in the afternoon stroll through the picturesque cities. If you want more, head inland and visit the Plitvice Lakes. It can be overcrowded in summer, although you will not have problems getting around by bus, sailboat or ferry everywhere. In many cities, new hostels are opened and most people speak English. It could not be easier for a beginner backpacker!

  1. Australia.

Here you will find vibrant cities, many beautiful beaches, a relaxed atmosphere, action, parties and a wonderful biodiversity.

Many backpackers buy an old car or camper to drive around the country. So you can get up every morning in a new place and with a bit of luck you will find the perfect parking spot on the beach. Life in Australia is very relaxed and you will quickly find new friends.


  1. New Zealand.


The little neighbor of Australia has nothing to envy from the big island. The Kiwi country is known for its beautiful natural landscapes. On the North Island the beginner backpacker will find huge sheep farms and volcanoes, and on the South Island you will see the Southern Alps, which has excellent hiking trails to offer. In addition, perfect places to practice skydiving, bungee and more extreme sports. In winter, enough snow falls on the South Island, as to attract many winter sports enthusiasts.

  1. Canada.


In Canada there is a cult to the backpacker. Of course, you can also find great animated cities such as Toronto , Vancouver or Montreal, but it is in the countryside where the magnificent natural landscapes will give you the surprise effect.

The Canadians are friendly and always ready for a little chat. The land is huge, so you have to carefully plan the route you want to make. There is a good network of buses, but it is worth buying a car if your stay will be long.

  1. Thailand.

In short Thailand has great infrastructure, low cost, delicious food and many backpackers. This makes it one of the best destinations for a beginner backpacker. In addition, it has much to offer; beautiful beaches and an interesting culture with breathtaking temples right in the center of the country.

The north is more mountainous, quieter and greener, as there are still many areas of jungle. The opposite of the mega city of Bangkok, which never seems to stop.


  1. Malaysia.

beginner backpacker

Malaysia is the perfect country for a first trip through Asia. Because it has always been a country of immigration, many Indians, Chinese and Thais live here. All brought their own culture, religion and food. So you can visit a mosque, a Hindu temple and a Buddhist temple in one day. You can also enjoy an Indian breakfast, Chinese food at lunchtime and Malay food at night.

The landscape is very varied. In Malaysia, there is the oldest jungle in the world, former colonial cities of the British Isles. On the island of Borneo, everything is still very original and is covered by a dense jungle. The Malays are super friendly and many speak English. There are hostels everywhere and a good bus network, this makes it highly recommended.


  1. Laos.

The clocks are slower in Laos and the country still seems to be in a deep sleep. The dominant color is green. Green rice fields hills and forests. Many people are poor and live off agriculture, but they seem happy. You will get used to the slowness and suddenly you will also enjoy the reassuring slowdown. Life is easy in Laos, and it is convenient because life is much cheaper. The expenses you will have traveling through this small country will not affect your pocket.

  1. Peru.

This country is ideal to find a natural diversity, since it has three different regions (Coast, Sierra and Jungle) allowing you to do different things in a single country. Arequipa, Iquitos, Cuzco as part of its big attractive cities for any backpacker, also passing by the northern coasts or the small places near Lima.

Peru has very kind people who will give you help whenever you need it, and being a very touristy country they are always open to be kind with those who visit them. As a beginner backpacker you will feel at home.


  1. Argentina for the beginner backpacker.

It is the second largest country in South America with beautiful landscapes wherever you trace your route. From the cold Tierra del Fuego, followed by the sterile landscape of the Pampa to the green of Iguazú Falls. This makes it possible to find beautiful old cities and impressive mountain landscapes.

Argentina is known for its comfortable buses. This is ideal for long distances. Although it is also relatively expensive. You can always cook in the hostel and thus save some money.


  1. Brasil.

Brazilians are famous for being very sociable. The country is gigantic and has everything to offer. From endless dream beaches, tropical jungles, to modern cities.

For your trip, it is best to divide it by region or consider takeing low-cost flights between the cities you wish to visit.

We leave a link to one of the most visited sites to find a hostel: CLICK HERE

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