Barcelona is one of the places that receives the most visitors, not only in Spain, but in the old continent as a whole. This city possess a unique personality, and invites us to discover it even the most hidden corner.

It is true that many of us now prefer to get away from the great tumults and concentrations of tourists. But we can not deny, that part of traveling is also visiting those places than make this one of the European royal cities.

Decide by your self if you want to go after reading this article.

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1. Basilica of the Sagrada Familia.

Designed by Antoni Gaudí, the basilica began its construction in 1882 and expects to be completed in 2026, dates that coincide with the centenary of the death of its famous designer.

This construction is the maximum representative of Catalan modernist architecture, and its construction is not founded by the government, or the church, so all the money from the tickets helps to build it.

Price: € 26.00


2. Park Güell.

It is one of the most famous and worthy places to see in Barcelona. It was created by Antoni Gaudí between 1900 and 1914 and is an oasis in the city that invites you to stroll and enjoy. The Park Güell was originally planned much larger and was never completed due to financial constraints. The area houses only three houses instead of the more than 60 planned villas. There are the home of the Güell industrial family, the Gaudí house and another house. But even these three houses, which Gaudí planned harmoniously in nature, make the visit to the Park Güell unforgettable.

Tickets can be purchased for each person or group at the following site:

3. The Arco del Triunfo.

This is one of the most beautiful places in Barcelona. If you travel by subway in Barcelona, get off at the Arco del Triunfo, built in 1888, and walk along a wide boulevard to the “Parque de la Ciudadela”, one of the largest parks in Barcelona and a popular destination throughout season. Particularly impressive is the “Font de la Cascada” fountain. On the large lake in the middle of the complex you can also rent paddle boats. In the same place is also the Barcelona Zoo.

4. Walk to the Tibidabo Park.

Even nature and hiking enthusiasts will have their place in Barcelona. This place is located in a natural cauldron by the sea and the surrounding mountains are ideal for a short walk. One of the must-do things in Barcelona is the Trekking to Tibidao Park.

The steep hiking trail leads through a dense green where you always have excellent views of Barcelona and the dominant Sagrada Familia. A visit to the church Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is definitely worth it in this place. From the top you can find the Tibidabo at your feet, with a small amusement park and an unbeatable view, where you can see the Montserrat. From here you can also see the 268-meter-high television tower, which was built for the 1992 Olympic Games. If you do not want to go hiking, you can also drive to the top of Tibidabo by car or take the bus.

5. Casa Batlló.

Following with the masterpieces of Gaudí, this construction located in the center of the city is one of the best examples to understand the idea of the artist.

Although it has undergone several structural modifications, the master’s first design is mostly conserved. This building has served as a home, offices, events room and museum.

Price: € 29.00 Adult

6. Camp Nou of FC Barcelona.

With 99,354 seats, it is the largest football stadium in Europe. Before heading to the Camp Nou, the tour will take you through the FC Barcelona Museum where there are many things to admire here, but the most exciting part is undoubtedly the moment when it crosses the tunnel of the player in the field. After the tour there is still a huge store for fans of FC Barcelona.

Price: € 23.00 Adult

7. Catalonia Square.

1997 (Own work)
Considered the center of Barcelona as well as the zero kilometer of Catalonia. It is undoubtedly one of the key points to start your walk through the city as this is the point that separates the old neighborhoods from the new.

From here begin important sites and roads of the city as La Rambla, as well as having access to all the public transport service of Barcelona.

8. The Paseo de La Rambla.

One of the most recognized commercial passages in the world. Any day it is possible to find people (even late into the night) touring their kiosks and shops that wind their way to the port.

One of the places with more social life in Barcelona, you will find countless restaurants, cafes and even an IMAX room if you want to see a movie.

9. Montjuïc Park.


Montjuïc Park is famous for the Magic Fountain, free to access, with its colorful and musical water fountains. The magic fountain was built for the World Fair of 1929.

The imposing Palau National (MNAC), headquarters of the National Art Museum of Catalonia, stands high above the fountain. Romanesque frescoes, paintings by Catalan panels and sculptures are exhibited, as well as testimonies of Italian and French Baroque painting. In addition, you can enjoy a fantastic view of Barcelona from here.

10. Gothic Quarter.

One of the oldest neighborhoods of the Catalan city, has undergone major changes throughout its history, but it is still possible to distinguish in it some of the old walls, as well as buildings clearly Gothic and neo-Gothic.

A real delight to go through this labyrinth of alleys and squares.

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