Everything ready before traveling? You are a few hours away from starting your adventure. Or maybe you’re just planning one. Either way, the emotion is intense. Now, it’s time to breathe and make sure you have everything ready.

Planning things in detail before going on a trip is often not everyone’s virtue. Not doing it so can bring unwanted situations later.

Be sure you pack everything essential to your trip. The obvious things can be the worst enemy of a traveler. We recommend you read this article to be aware of the 9 Things You Should Put in Your Hand Baggage.

Once your suitcase is ready; MeL wants to give you this  Tips so you have everything ready before commencing the trip of your dreams:

1. Hotel.


Let’s start with one of the most obvious things, and therefore forgotten among beginners and experienced travelers.

Making a hotel reservation can be a headache. It is easy to fall into the trap of flashy and well-focused photos in catalogs and Internet sites. In addition, there are the reviews in yelp or similar pages; that are often reliable, but in others cases they are scarce or nonexistent.

Look closely at the location, it is advisable that this is near touristic sites. If you are going to travel without an agency, and it is an important city, the priority is for your hotel to be close to a public transport station. The Hotel must be in a busy place with access to food; especially if you fancy something before returning to the hotel to rest.

2. Luggage storage service.

Guarda equipajes

There are in Europe, and several cities in the world, places in airports, train stations and hostels where you can store your luggage. This will give you the opportunity to be lighter when it comes to touring your destination. It can also help you a lot if you do not want to be very heavy, or if you will be in a city just for a day.

Get rid of the “professional” backpacker look with 40 pounds on your back. This will not make you a better traveler but quite the opposite. Find which cities in your itinerary have luggage storage service. Maybe that also helps you make a route map before traveling.


3. Vaccinations before traveling.

Vacunas, before traveling

Remember that when entering some countries there is a requirement for vaccination certificates. Sometimes the agencies do not mention it when it comes to selling the tourist package. Therefore, we recommend you always find out what vaccines are required for the country you are going to visit. This way you will have time to go to your hospital or health center before traveling.

If the country you visit does not require any special immunization to allow you entry, you can find out what recommendations your country of origin has about prevalent diseases. Even in “first world” countries. It never hurts to review the recommendations issued by your own disease control center.

In some countries, for example, the Yellow Fever Vaccine is necessary for your admission. We recommend the following article so that you are informed of which are the countries where it is required: Vaccine against Yellow Fever

4. Emergency first aid kit.

Botiquin, antes de viajar

This does not mean to carry an entire pharmacy in a suitcase. In some countries entering with medicines is not allowed unless they come with a prescription. But what you can do is load some essential pills. Something against headache, stomach, flu, colic, etc. Remember that the regulation of each country is different and if a mishap happens you probably will not be able to go to a pharmacy without a prescription to buy a medication.

Our recommendation: if possible, buy a first-aid kit for travelers already prepared, otherwise in a waterproof container always have ready bandages, gauze, adhesive bands, disinfectant, gloves and basic equipment to close deep wounds. As for medicines, for pain: anti-inflammatories (aspirin, ibuprofen). For the stomach: for the runs (Imodium) and something for cramps. And some antihistamine for allergies (Allegra, Claritin). Take into account that some medications may not be allowed in some countries.

Then we leave a link to an excellent example of First aid kit on amazon.com for our readers in the United States and with international shipping option: CLICK HERE

NOTE: MUNDO en Latino does not pretend to be an expert in health aspects, we only offer a guide for our readers, if you have specific questions, please always contact competent professionals in the field.

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