Little by little, the summer comes to an end. But this does not mean there are no more travel destinations after the summer. MeL wants to show you the best places to spend your holidays in this season. All of these destinations have either warm temperatures, beautiful beaches or a unique natural expireince.

1.Rhodes and the Valley of the Butterflies.

Después del Verano

The Greek holidays in Rhodes in September mean sun, beach and sea. It is amazing to take a walk through the old town of Rhodes, and let yourself be impressed with its Valley of the Butterflies. Here, around the airport near Theologos you can witness the thousands of butterflies that rise in the middle of an idyllic valley during the month of September.

2.  Canada after the summer.

By renting a car you can tour Canada and enjoy the 800 species of trees of the North American continent shine in a variety of colors. Red, Orange and Ocher. The foliage, the discoloration of the leaves, causes an unforgettable spectrum of colors. In the Algonquin Provincial Park you can observe almost 2,500 lakes. In addition, a spectacular diversity of local fauna and incomparable tranquility.

3. Baroque Italy.

After the summer

A beautiful baroque city, crystal clear sea and many miles of beaches overlooking Catania, the highest active volcano in Europe, put Sicily on the map for the perfect places to vacation after the summer. Pleasant temperatures and a relaxing bath in the Mediterranean, plus an unobstructed view of Mount Etna. In addition, you can visit the Chiesa di Sant’Agata cathedral and the famous elephant fountain in the middle of the baroque buildings of Piazza Duomo during your vacation after the summer.

4. Oktoberfest in Munich.

From September 22 to October 7, the Oktoberfest takes place in Munich this 2018. The Augustiner is the store of one of the most popular beers in Munich. Also, this makes it one of the most famous holiday salons. Here you can expirience the mix between the customs, the Bavarian intimacy and the exuberant Wiesngaudi. So, if you like to enjoy good local beer, Germany is waiting for you with open arms after the summer.

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