In southern Europe, the traveler breathes the Mediterranean style. In the midst of testimonies of a rich past, Italians, Spaniards and Portuguese practice a very relaxed lifestyle, which is complemented by the tasty food, great coffee and the warm sun.

This is the first part of three articles that intend to give you a very digested but updated picture of some of the things to consider before and during your trip to the old continent, we have divided it into three zones hoping to offer a clear idea for you to have at hand.

1. Infrastructure.

Europa del Sur

Italy and Spain have an excellent bus network, even in the most remote towns. The trains work and they are fast and cheap. In Portugal especially the bus is much cheaper than a train ride.

2. Accommodation in southern Europe.

Italy, Spain and Portugal offer the full range of accommodations. In Portugal, the “Bed and breakfasts” are usually very cheap and charming. Hostels  are very common in Spain. In Italy, you can enjoy a pleasant change by making an “agriturismo” or even in a monastery. Nowadays this has become a trend.

3. Prices.

In general, prices do not vary much between these countries, although some services such as bus or food trips may be a bit cheaper and of better quality in Spain. Although one could say that out of this three countries of southern Europe, Portugal is the cheapest.

4. Language.

Anyone who does not speak Italian or Spanish can walk through these countries well with English. German is only common in northern Italy and in the main tourist centers.


Free or low-cost WiFi is very common in many places. More and more free access points are emerging in cities and tourist places. Anyway, we recommend you always be prepared. If you need Internet in Europe in your travel read this article: Internet in your European trip

6. Climate and best time to travel.

Southern europe

The pleasant Mediterranean climate allows a convenient trip between April and October. While in the Spring the flowers will make you enjoy the landscapes in all their splendor, you can enjoy an Autumn if looking for a cooler journey. During the high season, between the middle of June and the end of August, it is not only very crowded, but also very hot.

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