Simple pleasures in France or in the wild charm of Ireland, from the densely populated cities of the Netherlands, to the remote areas of Scotland. Western Europe is a multi-faceted travel experience. Stately castles, outstanding architectural elements and last but not least, an exemplary infrastructure for vacationing.

This is the fourth part (Part 1Part 2, Part 3) of a series of articles that intend to give you a very digested but updated picture of some of the things to consider before and during your trip to the old continent, we have divided it into three zones waiting You can offer a clear idea that you can always have at hand.

1. Infrastructure.

In all the countries of Western Europe, bus and rail networks are very well developed. In the United Kingdom and Ireland you can travel much cheaper by bus, but trains are faster to get around. Only in France, trains are much cheaper thanks to the support of the state, and even more reliable than buses.

2. Accommodation in Western Europe.

A wide range of accommodation is available in all Western European countries. France is an excellent country for camping, in Belgium campsites and hostels are always available, while in Luxembourg the apartment is more fashionable. Since most travelers in the Netherlands want to stay in Amsterdam, it is recommended to book in advance. Great Britain and Ireland have charming private guest houses and rustic hostels.

3. Prices and money.

Europa Occidental

Prices are high, especially in France and the United Kingdom, which quickly affects the budget of the trip. In the main tourist destinations you have to spend a lot of money for food and accommodation. Things look a little better in Belgium and the Netherlands. Britain and Ireland are still among the most favored countries in Western Europe. Food is often a little more expensive than at home, but you can save on transportation costs.

4. Language.

The French will insist on using their mother tongue, so you will not find much help in English or Spanish. In Belgium and the Netherlands they get along very well with English. In Luxembourg, German is partly the national language, but you will always find someone who can guide you in English. Also, in the UK and Ireland you should not have any problems.

5. Internet.

Free access wireless network  in France is very difficult to find. However, many places have responded to the needs of tourists by offering a service for a small fee. This is similar in Luxembourg, Great Britain and Ireland, where even in the most remote regions Wi-Fi is available, but the speed leaves much to be desired. In Belgium, open WLAN can be found more easily.

6. Climate and best travel season.

Western Europe

For Western European countries, the months of May to September are considered ideal. Spring can often take a while, depending on the country, and since October it can be a bit cold. France is the exception here: on the south coast of France, it is pleasantly warm much earlier and much later in the year.

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