A road trip can create more memories in the traveler than a boring and uncomfortable flight. In a world where vintage is so fashion, why not get in the car and get carried away by the asphalt?

In MeL, we want to give you some tips. And revive that passion for the famous alltime hobby

1. The plan in the road trip:  There is NO plan.

You should not set the return date on a road trip. For example, do not be afraid to take a detour to see the largest yarn ball in the area.

Now, not all this piece is played by ear. You can expect to meet certain stretches according to how you drive. Therefore, you should also calculate the breaks, getting food and going to the restroom. But if you take a little time here and there it will not matter since you control the trip 100 percent.

2. The “soundtrack” of your trip.

Road trip

Good music brightens up an atmosphere and creates a conversation between those who travel together. Of course, there is no accounting for taste, so try to keep everyone happy with the playlist.

Also one of the travelers in the car may be able to play the guitar. When the end of the trip is a camp, this instrument definitely not only serves for the road, but also for the final purpose of it.

3. Choose the perfect company.


Each person has their own idea of travel.  For this kind of adventure trip, be sure you do not end up choosing the wrong person.

You should know that the best travel companions love simplicity, spontaneity, fun and always fit into any situation. With the right person, a trip becomes a true dream experience.

Of course, if your thing is not traveling accompanied, and you’d rather enjoy a trip in Solitaire; This article may interest you: 7 Tips for Traveling Alone

4. Always find the right path.

Some type of navigation is absolutely recommended. Whether it’s satellite navigation, mobile phone or tablet. You can make sure you download maps offline and then use them.

Now there is also the alternative of buying the already forgotten but effective folding maps. Of course, they do not require an Internet connection

Are you looking for a tool to plan your route? CLICK HERE

5. Pack plenty water.

It sounds simple but it really is important. The best thing is to buy some bottles of water and store them. Another alternative may also be to mark in your map all of the  gas stations where you can re-supply.

6. Bring an emergency credit card.

This is always crucial to have on a road trip. Check with your bank a card that is accepted everywhere. Remember, the advantages of a credit card. Especially when things unexpected happen that require more money than the one we calculated for the trip.

7. Comfortable clothes.


Comfortable clothes make a great percentage the success of a road trip. This is not a fashion show. Shorts, Tshirt, sun glasses and comfortable shoes. If you have to drive a lot, skinny jeans are going to be your worst enemies. Although it is a personal decision, for safety reasons, we recommend tennis shoes instead of flip flops or sandals while you drive.

8. Travel light.

Some clothes, shoes, laundry bag and your gadgets, that’s more than enough. Too much dead weight bothers and makes travel unnecessarily complicated. Forget about luxury items and do not take anything that takes too much space.

If you need something urgent, you can find it at any store on the road. A car is a small place; so filling it with things is not a good idea.

9. MeL Team’s Conclusion.

There is nothing better than relaxing on a trip, enjoying the road, the company and the music. And of course, when you get to a place to do whatever you had planed before. It does not matter where your destiny is. Remember that the best time to travel is TODAY.

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