Few European cities can boast about a cultural diversity as rich as that of Bruges in Belgium. The number of attractions, cultural events and historical buildings is mesmerizing. This relatively small city, requires of several days to get to know it.

Today in Mundo en Latino we give you a quick guide of what there is to know and see in this wonderful city. Which, squares, buildings, museums and other highlights you should not miss.

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1.The magic of a city.

Brujas de noche

Part of the fame that the city has, comes from the urban landscape. Characterized first by old buildings covered with ivy, and second, by the famous water canals. No doubt this contributes significantly to the distinctive charm of the city. Taking a boat through the channels is one of the best ways to experience Bruges.

But also its parks, the Minnewaterpark, and the facilities of the city. These give Bruges a sort of dream effect, which is very stimulating. The whole view can be experienced as fairytale in winter; when the newly fallen snow breaks the numerous lights of the city to the infinite, and the streets besides the canals of the city are marked by a kaleidoscopic flash, whose show is really charming. Finally, the best way to enjoy this game of lights can be accompanied with hot drinks at the famous Bruges Christmas market.

2. The culture in Bruges, the museums.

Brujas medieval

In Bruges, tourists from all over the world do not cease to be amazed. Those interested in art have many options, since Bruges offers a wide variety of museums dedicated to this subject. Impressive masterpieces of the most diverse artistic genres can be found in the Gruuthuse Museum, which is inside a royal palace, this makes it doubly attractive for you to visit it.

No less impressive is the Groeninge Museum, which displays masterpieces from more than 600 years of Belgian art history, or the small Memling Museum dedicated to Hans Memling, located inside the St. Joseph Hospital.


3. History could not be more alive.

Campanario de Brujas, Bruges

Bruges does not has the title of “UNESCO World Heritage” for nothing. In the old town, countless historic buildings come together to give life to the city’s long history.

A must-see is, of course, the historic town hall, from which stands the famous bell tower. If you climb the 366 steps of the 80 meter high tower, you will get a view of the Groten Markt and the old town of Bruges. Also visit the Basilica of the Holy Blood. Where it is said, the drops of blood of Jesus Christ are kept. During the annual Procession of the Holy Blood; This important relic is solemnly transported through the city. The participants wrapped in sumptuous and colorful tunics, involuntarily take the spectators to the Middle Ages.

Official website of the city: CLICK HERE

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