When we travel, transportation and hotels are undoubtedly the most complex parts of the planning. Regardless of whether it is Your First Time in a European Hostel, or that you have been all the hotels in the old continent; the experience will always be different.

It could be  the service, or the location, or even the facilities, there is always something that we will remember positively from our temporary home.

Every day there are more accommodations, and it is because of the need to attract more clients that everyone tries to improve their establishments and make them more competitive. Hotels seek to add value to their basic operations. As if this were not enough, some designers and hoteliers have taken their desire to excel a little further.  In this article we talk about some of those peculiar places.

1. Hotel Praktik, Barcelona , Spain.

Unique among the hotels in the center of Barcelona and only one kilometer away from the Cathedral of the Sagrada Familia. Here, a bakery becomes a magnificent hotel. In addition,  you can wake in a room smelling of freshly baked bread that costs between 55.00 and 60.00 Euros.


2. Thematic hotels, La Scuola Guesthouse. Louisiana, Italy.

This hotel will take you back to classes with themed rooms that emulate each course that you might have liked in childhood. It is also not so cheap, the price of each room comes on average around  80.00 Euros, but the experience lived in this dream hotel is priceless.


3. Martin’s Patershof. Malinas, Belgium.

Curious hotel that modified a church and convent around 800 years old located in Belgium. It has many details that make it special. Some of the amenities are, parking, laundry service, room service, restaurant and some rooms with Jacuzzi.


4. Jumbohostel. Stockholm, Sweden.

A reporposed Boeing 747 located in Sweden. Because of this, this place can only have a shared bathroom. Only the rooms built on the upper floor and the one that was once the cockpit, have their own bathroom. This place has air conditioning, restaurant and even a Business Center.


5. Ice Hotel. Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.

Another of the hotels built in Sweden. It has a conventional part, and a part of temporary ice blocks making this a phenomenal experience. By the way, the rooms have such a low temperature that thermal sleeping bags and reindeer skins are provided to the guests. However, such decoration and comfort can cost up to 183.00 Euros a night.


6. Igloo Village Kakslauttanen, Finlandia.

Part of this hotel has igloo rooms surrounded by nature. It also has the comforts of a first class hotel. But all this has a price, since one night in this place can cost up to 585.00 Euros. Another thing in their favor of this gorgeous hotel is that pets are allowed in the rooms.


7. Mövenpick Hamburg, Germany.

This place is nothing more than a water tower in Hamburg Germany, very well located 14 minutes from downtown. It hasa modern rooms with a unique atmosphere due to its construction. In addition, it has a Restaurant and a bar in the tower. Also included, a sauna and a gym.


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