Traveling, even with a backpack on your shoulder, has an economic cost to it. Finding work is one of your options is to while traveling. Whether in Australia, or the other side in Latin America, it is not so easy without training or experience. MeL gives you these tips on aspects to consider when looking for a job abroad. Even without great language skills.

Work in daily life offers many satisfactions. Finding work while traveling goes beyond that. Not only will it help you with your expenses. You will have the opportunity to meet new people. People, that will help you make your local experience much more intimate and real.

However it also has its load of  problems. And working abroad is not always as easy as it is back home. Often, visas and work permits must be issued. In addition to that the language barriers have to be broken.

1. Tips for finding work while traveling abroad:

Entrevista para encontrar trabajo

  • Speak the local language At least do a basic course of it. Knowing English can be very helpful.
  • Get in touch with the expat groups in the country. They often have people who can help you find work while you travel.
  • Update your resume and familiarize yourself with local working conditions.
  • Sign up in several temporary employment agencies.
  • Buy the local newspaper every day and look at the ads. React quickly to a recent postings.
  • One of the best ways to find work while traveling: the internet. Search for free local or international sites. Many of them have a section for foreigners.
  • Know your talents. If you have more than one language, your language skills can give you extra quick money. Do not be afraid to show off your academic history.
  • Tip for young English-speaking backpackers. Being an English teacher or participating in a vacation program can open many doors for you.

It must be taken into account that you will not get rich with this jobs, but you will learn a lot, especially about yourself, and  this will allow you to know other cultures.

2. Jobs that require travel.

Steward Finding Work

There is another option to find work and travel.

There are jobs that by their nature require a change of residence. Many of these jobs are seasonal. While others will make you help people in need. Some will even make you visit more than one country.

Some of the most requested jobs that meet this description are:

  • Travel agent.
  • Language teacher.
  • International Tour Guide.
  • Work in a theme park or cruise.
  • Volunteer of aid in countries in need.
  • Flight attendant.
  • Au pair,  If you want to know more and you have talent with children, you may be interested in the following article: <CLICK HERE>

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  • Ski or diving instructor.
  • “Roadie” from a band or show on tour.

A link with some job offers for foreign countries: <CLICK HERE>

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