After a prolonged cold, warm temperatures arrived, and with it an explosion of pollen, which left a yellow and sticky layer everywhere in Germany. Cars, balconies, bicycles and the clothes that were outside suffered with this phenomenon that continues to surprise everyone. All arround Germany people have been amazed by this powerful yellow cloud.


The pollen count is so particularly intense this year, and so unusual, that the German Meteorological Service (Deutsche Wetterdienst –DWD) has confirmed it to the World.

But this is not the only strange phenomenon that has arisen in Europe. Also a not less interesting phenomenon was recently seen in some places of Russia, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine, you can read about it in this article: Snow Orange in Europe.

1. Reason of the phenomenon.


The sudden humidity and strong winds have been a perfect combination for this phenomenon. The wind picks up the pollen from the trees and throws them into the atmosphere. But the wind speed set a new record that increased the intensity of the yellow tide in this part of Europe.

The pollen comes mainly from the Picea trees; which is relatively large, from 80 to 130 microns. In comparison with the Birch that is only 20 microns in size. As a result, pollen is not only more visible, it also sediments faster in the soil, and forms local concentrations quickly. The wind flows these accumulations over and over again, making the effect even more noticeable.

2. Allergies.


This pollen is considered non-allergenic, but pollen of different types is often mixed in the environment. The oak, the beech, the birch and the sycamore are some of the trees that contribute to this cocktail. These can lead to allergic reactions. But even for people who do not have allergies, the current large amount of pollen can cause discomfort.

This can irritate the mucous membranes when it is inhaled. People with sensitive mucous membranes or lungs may find this uncomfortable. To remove the pollen from the apartment, it is recommended to vacuum regularly. Some experts also advise using a wet cloth to avoid taking it to the environment again.


3. When does the pollen season end?

That may take a while. The flower of the Picea will not finish to open until the end of May or June. With luck a few days of heavy rain could help accelerate the end of this yellow explosion.

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