Staying in line with the fast and stable Internet is essential when traveling. Either to connect to Facebook, Instagram, or Skype or to check your email.

In MeL we want to show you different ways to be online, at manageable costs and even free during your trip through the “Old World”.

1. Internet in Europe.

In almost all of Europe there are many cafes and restaurants, as well as different places of entertainment that offer Internet access for free.

Although, not at all the connection is as fast as one would expect. The good news is that as of June 15, 2017, travelers within the European Union can now navigate without problems. In addition, you can make calls to and send SMS without additional costs to your plan. All this, with good Internet speeds.

So far all good if I am a resident of the European Union. But what if I’m not?

2. SIM card to use Internet.


The most favorable option is a pre-paid SIM card from a local provider. For example, providers in Spain inside the airport can offer you pre-paid SIMs. In addition, this will be done for the amount of time or a specific volume of data, so you can navigate without problems for all the member countries of the EU. Among the best known companies to access the data are:

These companies sell SIMs from their website. But, you could also ask them to ship to your house before you get on the plane.

Finally, we recommend that if you travel through Europe with several people, a very viable option is to rent a portable WiFi (hot spot). This may include unlimited Internet throughout the continent. The price varies according to the number of days you need the service  (between 6.4 and 9.9 euros per day); but make sure that whenever you are connected, your speed will be good no matter where you are. The most popular company offering this service is:

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