Spain has a lot of things to do in its territory. But when looking for destinations that have everything, Mallorca can not be left out of any travel site. Its popularity as a summer resort among European countries is well deserved. Its climate is pleasant throughout the year and has many attractions and interesting places to visit. From relaxing beaches and squares to a crazy nightlife.

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1. Some interesting facts

Weather in Mallorca:

Mallorca has a Mediterranean climate. It ensures hot, dry summers, as well as mild, wet winters. The largest amounts of rain occur in October. And in the summer months of June, July and August, temperatures are the highest of the year, with averages of 30 degrees Celsius. At night, temperatures are around 20 degrees Celsius. The coldest months are December, January and February; but even then the temperatures will not be less than 15 degrees Celsius, so Mallorca in winter is also a great destination.

  • In restaurants it is around 10% of the total,
  • To hotel cleaning staff: around € 5.00 per week,
  • To taxi drivers: round the amount that marked the meter,
  • For tour guides: between € 5.00 and € 10.00 depending on the time of the tour.
Drinking water:

Tap water is not suitable for drinking. It is very salty and contains chlorine, although for the toilet, brushing your teeth and the bathroom is adequate. We recommend buying drinking water in bottles.

Nap time:

Being Mallorca a small city, only in the areas of greater tourist affluence, businesses will remain open. The rest of the stores in the city close in the afternoon, they rest from 1 or  2 PM and re-open at 4 or 5 o’clock.

2. Palma Pass / Mallorca Pass.

These tourist cards can help you save money during your visit to Mallorca.

You can choose a 72-hour pass, Express or Family. This gives you access to the main attractions of the city. Places such as the cathedral, the Es Baluard museum and the Bellver Castle. This pass also gives limited access to public transportation in the city. And it offers discounts in certain museums, galleries, restaurants and shops.

You can obtain more information in the following link. CLICK HERE.

3. Beaches in Mallorca.


One of the main reasons of why so many tourists choose this Balearic island as their destination are the wonderful bays and beaches. There are more than 100 beach resorts on the island. Most of the beaches are of fine sand, although there are also some pebble beaches.

Stands high the Bay of Alcudia and the beaches that form it. Here you will find hotels and resorts for all kinds of pockets. The good infrastructure and the wide range of water activities make it an ideal place for families.

4. Gastronomy in the island.

Local cuisine is abundant and rustic. The fresh ingredients are the peculiar touch of its varied flavors. Vegetables from the region such as tomatoes, eggplant and cabbage can be found as ingredients in many of their dishes. Olive oil is generally used for frying. Lamb and rabbit, as well as fish and seafood are included in their main courses.

5. Markets in Mallorca.


This Balearic Islands is known for its numerous and diverse markets. There are daily markets that sell fresh fruits, vegetables and other foods. There are many flea markets in Mallorca as well, where you will find great gifts.

6. Activities in Mallorca.

In Mallorca you can do more than just relax on the beaches and enjoy the sun.

If you wish you can also explore the underwater world while diving. It is not a bad idea to enjoy the sea breeze while surfing or surfing on one of its beaches. And there are tons of hiking trails to explore and admire the landscape.

7. Sightseeings in Mallorca.

You do not have to look far to find the most beautiful places in Mallorca. In the capital Palma it is possible to spend the day surrounded by its beautiful architecture.

We recommend the old town with its vast history dating back more than 2,000 years. Visit also La Seu, the famous cathedral of Palma, which is the seat of the Spanish royal family. And you can not miss the Palacio de la Almudaina.

If you opt for the natural, Mallorca has its share of small wonders. Therefore, we recommend visiting the impressive cliff, and the caves of Drach. Take the historic railway from Palma towards Sóller, and marvel at the surrounding landscape.

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