When we are children, the natural curiosity for wild animals becomes part of our development. There is a unique experience to satisfy this curiosity at any age. An African safari. This type of adventure can be quite expensive, but there are many ways to save some money. In addition, Africa is much more than a safari, it is a place full of culture and surprises.

Unfortunately, this same curiosity has caused irreparable damage over the years. The illegal hunting and the discriminated invasion of lands have caused

to be severely decimated. For this reason, ecological reserves have been created in Africa to protect animals.

The maintenance of these protected areas, as well as the protection of their species, unfortunately is not a cheap task. This is why many of these reserves have turned tourism into its subsistence pillar. Currently, these resorts play an important role in the conservation of endangered species. The recovery of these natural areas is fundamental for the conservation of their species.

The word Safari is no longer related only to big game hunting. Today is also an unforgettable learning experience. Therefore, we bring you 6 useful tips for an unforgettable trip to Africa without spending a fortune.

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1. Safari, even out of season.


Which is the ideal season for travel Africa and saving money?

In June the weather is rainy, so it is not worth considering a Safari. Between April 1 and September 30, is the low season, you pay only around USD $ 350.00 per person instead of around $ 630.00

A good example of this savings can be found in, Gondwana  located four hours by car east of Cape Town. This is a very friendly place for children. From the age of four they can go on jeeps and Junior Ranger programs. OFFICIAL WEBSITE 

Another advantage out of season, is that as the grass is not so dense, you can see the animals much better.

2. Safari in Africa without driver.


Take into account that you may find the roads in bad shape If you are an experienced driver, you might be interested in renting a jeep in order to make the Safari by yourself. This is possible, for example, in the Kruger National Park of South Africa, but also in parks in the neighboring countries of Namibia and Botswana.

The advantages of making your own Safari are that you have much more time to observe  the animals as well as save some money. The disadvantages are that you probably only see animals crossing the paved roads like elephants, zebras, giraffes and antelopes. In addition to that you may not have the experience of the guides to know the best sighting sites.

But if you spend the night in one of the many camps in the National Park, you can make outings with experienced explorers and park rangers. These tours take place early in the morning and well into the night; then it is not advisable to turn around in the dark with a car of your own, no matter how experienced you are driving.

3. Tent instead of luxury lodge.

If you can spare luxuries such as private bathrooms, or a fireplace in the room, be prepared to save; because in national parks like Kruger you can build your tent in designated camp sites or spend the night in a caravan. It costs around USD $50.00  a day, and is reserved at the time of your arrival.

4. Lower hotel categories.

There are many companies in Africa that have in addition to the classic lodges, wooden huts with carp roof and communal pool, which makes it much more attractive by acknowledging that the biggest attraction of the trip is the safari and not the place where one is going to stay. Therefore the accommodation can be set aside, saving much more.

5. Outside the tourist circuit..


The Kruger National Park in South Africa, Serengeti in Tanzania or Etosha in Namibia, are now tourist brands such as Hilton or AIDA. And therefore, mostly packed with travelers and expensive. You can find a cheaper adventures with buffalo, elephants and rhinos in the surrounding safari areas, which, until now, were only discovered by the locals.

Elephant Bedroom is located in the Samburu National Reserve of Kenya. It has a camp with 12 luxuriously equipped tents right on the Ewas Nyiro River. Lions, elephants and leopards are regularly sightings here. In the low season you can find prices per person with all inclusive for around USD $ 300.

6. Last Advice.


If you are still not sure if a safari in Africa is your thing. Why not book a vacation package ?. Maybe if you feel like it, you can try a mini safari while on the hotel. This way you can have as main attraction the beach and the sun and leave the visit to a reserve as optional. For having this type of experience you can visit countries such as Kenya or Tanzania. This places have wonderful beaches and are a good alternative to vacation in Africa.

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