Southern France is amazing. Throughout France you will find incredible views, vibrant cities, legendary coasts, the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, mountain  and much more. You sure can explore the country and discover the most beautiful places.Take pictures of the best landscapes, enjoy wine, or run on the Atlantic coast.

But for those who love to travel to France, the South  offers places to enjoy or camp. Whether it’s an open site, or a private place, in southern France you’ll find everything for a great vacation.

1. Nice, the jewel of southern France.

Sur de Francia

It is a small vibrant city well known for its carnival, its great beaches and its sunny climate. In the middle of the city you will find an oasis of beautifully fragrant flowers. And the specialty “Socca” is something you must try on your trip to this part of France. Remember to take a walk near the picturesque places that surround it, you wont regret a single decision.

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2. Marseille.

This is an authentic city with a lot of history and a rich cultural heritage. The city is located in the Cote d’Azur region and is the oldest city in France. In its center, there is the Old Port, where you can enjoy the pier and the view. The best of its historic sites in this part of France,  the Basilica of Notre-Dame de la Garde.

3.Cannes and Saint Tropez.

Besides being the seat of the famous film festival, in Cannes is possible to  discover the most impressive places during a casual walk. The picturesque old town, the Filmpalast or the La Croisette beach promenade are just some of its highlights.

4. Montpelier.

It is not big and you can get very well on foot everywhere. On a short tour of the old town, you can explore the many small streets and let the soul of the city to embrace you. The city is beautiful and has many small secret places, which allow visitors to discover the south of France.


southern france

His name means comfort. The city has a unique heritage that keeps travelers spellbound. Buildings of the famous pink brick, the Jacobean convent of the fourteenth century and the stately homes of the gold trade era.

In the city, one also notes the Spanish style, the accent and the Italian facades. Strolling through the medieval streets of Toulouse or along the banks of the Canal du Midi, lets you experience a beautifully restored city.


6. Lyon.

This city is the capital of the Rhône-Alpes region, in the southeast of the country. Most of the region is characterized by mountains, such as the Alps to the east, the Jura to the north and the highlands of the Central Massif to the west. In addition, Mont Blanc is located in the French Alps, the second highest mountain in Europe (4801 meters). So when planning a trip to southern France, you should not forget this wonderful place.

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