The first vacation  should be an adventure, and whether you travel alone or decide to do it in a group, it is time to visit something new, and we want you to enjoy to the fullest all that the opportunity offers to you. Therefore we give you an idea of the points and recommendations to consider for the planning of this trip.

1. Choose a destination that interests everyone.

If you travel as a family, or just with your partner, agreeing where to go could be a problem.

A good idea is that everyone writes down 10 countries or places that they want to visit. Then, find similarities and discuss which is the best place for everyone, including in the discussion activities, monuments and sites of importance that exist in that destination.

Links with some ideas of highly requested destinations:

2. Plan the itinerary carefuly to avoid future problems

Once you’ve decided which places to go, it’s time for planning. It may seem boring, but it is important that during your first vacation you avoid the trouble hassle and emergencies.

We recommend you start your plan with the following:

  • Budget.
  • Activities.
  • Cities or tours.

Links to good ideas for your planning:

3. The budget of the first vacation.

Discussing about money does not have to be a problem. Many fear touching this point, but to be sure that everything (including the unforeseen), it is important that a budget is prepared.

How much do you want to spend during the entire trip? First, be sure to cover the basic needs of accommodation and food. Then we must budget  a special tour or planned trip.

It is highly recommended to buy some tickets to attractions and museums in advance. You save time in rows and there are often discounts online. Purchase your tours and tickets for attractions in advance HERE.

You can, divide the budget by days. With this method you will be able to know how much will be spent each day according to the activities that are carried out. Of course you can also add some “petty cash” for any spontaneous activity or situation.

4. Consider low-cost trips.

First vacation

If your budget is still tight, but you still want to make your first vacation, it is always preferable to select countries that are consistent with what you can spend. There are many places that would surprise you because of how economic they are. Want to travel the old continent? Try Eastern Europe for example. Try using the banner below or the sidebar  to find the best deals.

5. Include other couples or families.

There are always activities that you can do with other people. Travel groups or tourist packages can reunite you with other travelers like you. This can be a good starting point to plan your first vacation. Adding experience,  and continue traveling in the future.

Some ideas for family trips:

6. Define the strengths of the group.

This is an interesting point for those traveling as a group or as a couple. Determine who can take care of certain aspects of the trip best  Organization, provisions, driving shifts and even languages. Everything counts when it comes to  who can get us out more easily from a hurry, or simply who is more organized.

7. Relax.

primeras vacaciones

And last but not least, the most important thing: take it easy!

Planning a trip can bring us great levels of stress. Do not despair, there will always be setbacks on a trip. Although boring is just a stage that will help your first vacation have fewer. Remember that at the end of the day the important thing is the experience lived in your destiny.

Some other destinations …

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