The Bahamas  has been consolidated for a long time a prime touristic destination. Its proximity to North American (especially to Florida). They have made it one of the most sought after places by tourists from the United States and Canada. But without a doubt The Bahamas has a lot to offer its visitors from other parts of the world.

They have more than 700 islands, out of this, about 30 are inhabited. In addition is a mandatory stop for the vast majority of Caribbean cruises.

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1. The basics of The Bahamas.

  • Official language: English.
  • The average daily cost of a day of stay: USD $ 125.00, including lodging food and activities.
  • September to May its best season with temperatures that oscillate between 21 and 27 ° C. In the islands of the north it is usually about 5 ° C colder than in the islands of the south. Due to the mild temperatures, The Bahamas is an ideal destination throughout the year.
  • The high season in The Bahamas is from mid-December to mid-April, but of course, prices are higher in hotels.
  • Currency: the Bahamian Dollar. It is linked to the US dollar in the ratio of 1: 1. For 1 dollar you get approximately 1.12 BSD.
  • There are countries that require a visa to enter the Bahamas you can find them in the following link: CLICK HERE

If you want to explore the beautiful scenery and the beautiful places of The Bahamas at your own pace, take a bike! Many well-known resorts and hotels rent bicycles at moderate prices. You can also rent a car easily on the site.

There are bus services in Nassau and Grand Bahama. Buses usually run from the morning until 7:00 p.m. Prices vary according to the route and must be paid before boarding.

The fast ferry is a convenient way to get from one island to another. The Bahamas Fast Ferries connects Nassau with Harbor Island and North Eleuthera twice a day and twice a week from Nassau to Governor’s Harbor and Eleuthera. Tickets for adults cost around USD$ 110.00 and for children USD $70.00. In addition to daily connections, The Bahamas Fast Ferries offers visitors the opportunity to explore the islands with exciting day trips.

2. The swimming pigs of The Bahamas.

When someone says “Bahamas”, the first thing you think about is about beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and, of course, rest and vacations.

The Bahamas has an attraction that has become very popular in recent years, and strange as it seems it has conquered the hearts of foreigners and locals. We ate talking about the now famous swimming pigs.

They swim in the turquoise blue waters and seem to enjoy themselves while sharing a summer season with those who want to join them in the sea and have fun in the water. We are certain that this experience will be one the best memory for tourists, and of course,  for the pigs too!

The so-called Pig beach  attracts innumerable tourists each year to photograph the pigs and to  swim with them. There are countless myths about the origin of swimming pigs. Some believe that pigs are the remains of a shipwreck, while others believe that they were just a few pets that were abandoned. Whatever the story, it is clear that the pigs frolicking wildly in the water are kind of cute.

How do you get to these beaches? If you have landed in Nassau, you must take a smaller plane to Staniel Cay. Once there, you will be taken to the floating pigs in small boats. A boat trip from Staniel Cay costs around USD $25.00. The same applies to the main island of Exumas, Great Exuma.

From Gran Exuma you can reach the “beach of the pigs” in only 3 hours by boat. Group trips are often offered, sometimes even with food.

3. Other recommended beaches.


On each island there are breathtaking beaches. We leave you here a small selection of our favorite beaches:

  • Pink Sand Beach: It is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. If not in the whole world. It has a pink color on the sand that comes from microscopic organisms.
  • Gold Rock Beach: This unforgettable white sand beach is located in the Lucaya National Park. And its beauty has not only attracted tourists, but its landscapes have been captured in parts of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. Also, it is not too crowded so you can easily lay down on the sand and enjoy this beautiful place.
  • Rose Island: Just off the coast of Paradise Island is the uninhabited Rose Island. If you just want to enjoy the idyll and peace under a palm tree, you should not miss this little piece of heaven on earth.
  • Dean’s Blue Hole: Long Island has the second largest blue hole in the world. This underwater cave is 202 meters deep and has a radius of 100 meters. Surrounded by a beautiful beach, it is possible to dive directly from the coast to this natural wonder. Diving professionals can even explore the depth of the hole. If you have an adventurous spirit, do not doubt for a second that this is the perfect activity for your trip to The Bahamas.

4. Parque Nacional Lucayan.

On the island of Grand Bahama is the Lucayan National Park. A perfect place for a kayak hiking and bird watching. Another highlight of the park is the underwater tunnel. Although this requires with professional instruction.

A small advice, watch your food if you are having a picnic. Harmless, but  rogue raccoons lurk all the time looking what to steal.

5. Surfing in Eleuthera.

The Bahamas

During the 70s and 80s, Eleuthera was one of the hippest points to surf. Today, it has become a little quieter, but many tourists still like to look for a couple of waves here. So if you are a lover of this sport, you can borrow a board and a suit without problems and hit the waves. The best surf can be found between October and April.

6.The Bahamas for everyone.

And of course, we can not forget everything else that The Bahamas can offer you as a cruise destination and Caribbean paradise, a vibrant nightlife with bars, nightclubs and casinos. Shopping centers with the most renowned designer brands.

And it will be impossible to ignore a unique culture emanated from its history. So elaborately mixed after having been part of the United Kingdom for so many years.

An experience that you definitely should not miss.

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