Spending at least one day in Madrid, is a fundamental part of any trip to Europe. Especially for many travelers coming from South America. Since the vast majority of flights from the south of the continent come to this specific city.

Also, the main travel agencies also take for granted that this is the starting point. Whether for a short walk only for Spain itself. Or for trips of between 15 and 25 days that cover a large part of the main European capitals.

Meanwhile and if your destination is different, you can see more about places and customs of Europe in this article: 10 Customs and Strange Traditions of European Countries.

With this motive in Mundo en Latino we will be creating a series of articles with ideas to absorb as much as possible of a site of interest in a single day. Definitely this is not the most recommended, but any experienced globetrotter knows that sometimes you have to make the most of your time in order to enjoy a place.

1. The Kilometer zero at the Puerta de Sol.

This is no more than a tile that everyone touches and marks the origin of the six radial roads that go from Madrid to the Basque Country, Catalonia, Valencia , Andalusia, Extremadura and Galicia. This was placed in 1950 in front of the building of the post office and besides being a tourist attraction for locals and foreigners, it also serves as a starting point to number the streets of the City.

2. The Plaza España during your day in Madrid.

Day in Madrid

Here stands the monument to Don Quixote, which is one of the most visited and photographed by tourists. Behind it you can also see the Torre de Madrid, which boasts of being the tallest apartment building in the city.

3. Prince Pio Mountain.

It is a viewpoint of the entire city and an important tourist point. Visitors here are not only here  to see the city. From here you can take the cable car that will give you a glance of the most important points of the city. You can also visit the Temple of Debod, donated by Egypt to strengthen relations with Spain. The Spanish country rescued this temple from a flood, being then moved and rebuilt in Madrid in 1972.


4.Royal Palace and Gardens of Sabatini.

Día en Madrid

The gardens have more than two hectares distributed in the old stables of the Royal Palace. These are adorned with fountains and sculptures. All accommodated in a unique and spectacular symmetry.
The Royal Palace is not today the place of residence of the royal family. Even so, daily visitors form long lines to access this place and get to know the official halls. Recommended is to visit the royal armory of the Palace. If your day in Madrid is on Wednesday around eleven o’clock in the morning you could witness the changing of the guard of the Royal Palace of Madrid.

5.The Puerta de Alcalá.

During your day in Madrid you could visit this majestic monument. Raised in the reign of Carlos III and that marks the door of access to Madrid in 1778. In 1889 it became a square with the growth of the City.

6. The museums.

Among the most representative of the city we will mention The Prado Museum, the Museum of the Reina Sofia, The National Archaeological Museum, among others. Where you can enjoy famous pieces of art and temporary exhibitions that will make you lose your breath.

We hope you have enjoyed this day in Madrid. Without a doubt, a magical city. If you are interested, we recommend this article to learn more about museums in Europe: The 5 Most Visited Museums in Europe (with information for travelers).

Official link of the city: CLICK HERE

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