Possible? Yes. But when the cost is not economic, then you have to be willing to pay with other sacrifices. Some will believe that it is practically impossible to make a trip without arriving at a place to wash up or where you can comfortably spend the night so that rest allows you to make a complete trip, and knowing this, we must say that when planning the trip, in addition to the food and transportation, being in a comfortable hotel or something in line with our possibilities make the adventure of knowing where we can stay an endless search on the computer.

Once again, take into account that none of these options will offer you the comfort or reliability of being hosted in an established trade, but in many cases you change one experience for a richer one. For this reason in Europa en Latino we want to show you what alternatives a traveler could have so as not to have to pay for accommodation.

1. Volunteer

What better way to travel than to enter a community of people who are in a place not only to make their life experience bigger by helping. There are several organizations that will give you accommodation in exchange for performing tasks focused on making our planet a better place.



2. Couchsurfing.

This is based on networks of travelers who offer accommodation to others when they pass through the cities where they live, there are several ways to contact a charitable soul willing to share a space is their home so you can shower and rest, find this either by groups in social networks or more established web pages.

Web: https://www.couchsurfing.com/

3. Constant Movement.

The easiest way to avoid paying for accommodation is to take stretches of night trips. That may sound very tired, especially if you travel with minors, but today and especially in Europe, the comfort of trains and buses has made it possible to travel to a lot of places without sacrificing much comfort.

4. Shelters.

There are also some communities or churches in several cities that provide accommodation for travelers, but we recommend that you can contact them while planning your travel and before you arrive, as there have been cases in which the sites have only been opened for a season.

5. Home Exchange.

Maybe this is not completely free, but can be quite cheap. There are new communities on the Internet that require an annual fee and provide free accommodation within the houses of other members all over the world, you must make this registration well in advance since all are subject to an evaluation so the member receiving the guest can feel safe about this. It is worth mentioning that some of these communities are so well organized that their network covers the entire planet, and in addition they have virtual magazines that they send to their members with an updated guide of the new possible places where they could stay.

Web: http://homeexchange.com/

6. Work for a Bed.


Today many people travel to thousands of destinations just with a map, there are thousands of Blogs that share innumerable adventures about getting rid of the fear for getting a quick job or go into someone elses home as child or  pets and even house sitter, doing kitchen work or cleaning in some lodging in exchange for being able to spend the night in that place.

Take into account that for this to be within the framework of legality and not cause any problem, you should never accept a permanent position or receive remuneration in the form of salary unless you have the papers and visas that authorize you to do so .

7. Camping.

The last alternative that we will mention is the famous and reliable tent that allows you to spend the night in places where nature abounds or where a charitable soul lets you to pitch it his or her garden. In addition to this, there are established camping sites that cost almost nothing, (in the future we will do an article about it) As long as you do not mind the eventual rock under your tent, then this is a good alternative to an economic trip.

We wish you good luck on your travels!

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